Old news can still be good news. Last September 09 Global TV aired  a documentary called ADD and loving it.

This documentary is written, directed and produced by comedian Rick Green and stars actor/comedian Patrick McKenna and Marty Stevens from The Red Green Show.

The documentary is about Patrick’s journey through being tested and diagnosed with ADD and is filled with expert commentaries and famous people with ADD. It is very informative and funny, which makes this my number one source recommendation for people who have or think they have Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The show also introduces one of the most incredible sites on Adult ADD called www.totallyadd.com.  It is a site that has videos (perfect for ADDers), and guides you through many steps of ADD from a diagnosis to treatment. It has blogs, forums and shows upcoming events.

Watch the video; it is fun and easy viewing and share it with others to reduce the stigma on ADD.  Check out the website for it is rich in tools and strategies.

Share your comments with me on the video and the website.

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