If you think you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?  Take the following quiz to determine the likelihood of the disorder: ADHD QUIZ

Remember this test simply indicates the likelihood of the presence of the disorder for formal accurate diagnosis you need to be assessed by a professional.

It’s equally important to know which type of ADHD you have; ADHD primarily inattentive type;  ADHD primarily hyperactive/ impulsive type or ADHD combined type; take a look at the CHADD website  to get familiar with the different types. You may truly recognize yourself in these descriptions:  CLICK HERE

It is useful to know which type of ADHD you have to target the proper symptoms during treatment. If you have ADHD primarily inattentive type you are dealing with symptoms of inertia, getting started.  This is very different from having ADHD primarily hyperactive/ impulsive type.

I have ADHD combined type and it helps to know that I deal with inattentive symptoms along with hyperactivity and impulsivity when it comes to the strategies I use to work with my ADHD.

Remember it’s important to stay informed and realize what is your ADHD and what is simply you.

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