Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder CAUSE

In order to examine the cause of ADHD let’s first take a look at the definition of the disorder. Now I’m warning you this definition has changed multiple times over the years and trust me it will change a dozen times over in the future. But for the sake of information let’s define Attention Deficit […]

Beating ADHD’s Anxiety

It is important to understand that the overwhelming feelings you experience, the worrying and the physical symptoms that occur have a name: ANXIETY  Anxiety is normal and adaptive as it helps us prepare for danger Anxiety can become a problem when our body tells us that there is danger when there really is no real […]

News from Coach Maddy

Happy Spring to you. Lots of exciting things have been going on with me that I cannot wait to share with you. The first is a big accomplishment and I would like to celebrate with you my GRADUATION. Yes, yes, yes I am officially an ADHD Coach Graduate (ACG) from the ADD Coach Academy in […]


The first post of this blog series explained that when it came to ADHD & sex it was either ALL or NOTHING with not much grey area in between.  The previous entry focused on the ALL side and now we take a deeper look at the NONE side concerning ADHD & SEX. When we look […]

Become an ADHD HERO

I am very excited to share with you this great new project I am involved with called ADHD Heroes.  Working with Coach Linda Walker and President of ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy) David Giwerc among many others we are on the search for:  ADHD HEROES! What or who is an ADHD Hero? We all know about […]

ADDers can be on time

What do you relate to more: Work now play later, or, play now work later? For many of my clients it’s play now work later and this way of being has greatly impaired their time management skills.  With a simple switch to work n ow play later their ability to be on time has drastically […]