ADHD Coach Maddy


I am a coach that has ADHD; I understand the impact it has on us growing up and being an Adult with ADHD. I realize that every case is an individual one, and I will work with you one on one to get your needs met and help you live in your passions and get control in your life.

Coaching can be done over the phone or Zoom,
depending on your needs and location.

Prime Package


Per Month

Package includes:

  • 3 monthly 60 minute sessions with text messages.
  • E-mails for reminders and support.
  • Offered for in person,phone or zoom clients

Chief Package


For 10 Sessions

Package includes:

  • 10 sessions for 60 minutes done through telephone, zoom or in person.
  • Designed for person who is ready to make serious changes.

Single Information Session


Per Session

Package includes:

  • 75 minute session over phone, in person or via zoom.
  • The session is for person who wants information and strategies on a specific issue.
  • It might be a parent who desires to speak to a coach on tips to work with an ADHD child or the spouse of an ADHDer who wants support or looking for information.