ADHD Coach Maddy

Happy Spring to you.

Lots of exciting things have been going on with me that I cannot wait
to share with you.

The first is a big accomplishment and I would like to celebrate with
Yes, yes, yes I am officially an ADHD Coach Graduate (ACG) from the ADD
Coach Academy in New York.

But I will soon be passing yet another exam that will accredit me with
the title of Professional Certified Coach.  So please celebrate this
joyous occasion with my while keeping your fingers crossed for my
upcoming BIG BIG exam.

Sharing good news is so much fun and reminds me how important it is to
celebrate the big events and achievements along with the small ones.
So I invite you to share your wonderful news so I can celebrate with

In March I attended my first ACO (ADD Coaches Organization) Conference
in Atlanta and met fabulous ADHD Coaches from around the world and
attended so many insightful meetings on ADHD. These sessions covered
medication, the latest technology tools for ADHD, the stigma of
surrounding ADHD, ADHD and the brain and so much more. I swear it was
like camp for the brain.

Among the coaches I met at the conference was Jeff Copper; host of
attention talk radio. This internet podcast is our destination for
information on ADHD and I invite you to download his podcasts on iTunes
or listen directly on my website under Coach Maddy Supports.  The
topics of his show range from ADHD and relationships to discussions on
the disorder with some of the most recognized doctors in our field.

I am very pleased to announce that I will be a contributing author to
the book “The ADHD awareness project- 365+1 tips for dealing with
ADHD”.  The book will be ready in time for our ADHD Awareness week in
October 2012. I will have copies available for sale on my website when
the book is ready to launch. I am so terribly excited about this
project and hope you will enjoy the many tips the book has to offer.
The previous book “365 ways for dealing with ADHD” was a top seller on
Amazon and I can only hope for the same fate with this sequel.

The Center of Attention and I are engaging in many new collaborations
that are amazing adventures.
First working with Senior Coach Linda Walker, we created a program that
is launching this July 4th called Maximum Productivity Makeover for the
ADHD Student.  Meeting both in person and via teleconference the ADHD
student will be coached and learn the needed skills to be a successful
student.  Working through understanding your energy cycles to learning
essential active study skills; this workshop will build students’
knowledge and confidence to help them become productive.  If you or if
someone you know could benefit from such a program please contact me
immediately as to reserve your spot. Please note that having ADHD is
not a requirement for the workshop but the ADHD student will be the
main focus.

Secondly collaborating and under the supervision of Dr. Lynn Hart I
will begin conducting ADHD testing.  The testing will be covered by
insurance and conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex.  Further
details will be posted on my website but please keep me in mind for
your present or future testing needs.

The ADDult ADHD support groups are still running strong once a month at
the Westmount YMCA. Our next meeting will be held this Wednesday May
16th at 7pm.  Please feel free to come and meet a great group of
people. Come July the support group will be meeting on Thursday and for
more information please go to my website and look under Support Groups
for the latest date and times.

It was a pleasure sharing all this fun news with you and I look forward
to hearing your news.

Until soon, take good care,

Coach Maddy

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