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With so much information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder it can be difficult to judge what or whom to rely upon.  Therefore, I have created a fabulous top 10 list of ADHD books that are diverse and full of relevant information.  The list is so diverse because it is important to spread out your information gathering and not simply read 10 books on the definition of ADHD.

Enjoy your reading…

#1 365 +1 Ways to succeed with ADHD

I had to include the book I co-authored and is a number one best seller on

This is a great book for tips and strategies on ADHD from the leading coaches and experts in the field.  The format is reader friendly and it is full of information on the many issues that we ADHDers face.



#2  You mean I’m not lazy, stupid or crazy?! by Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo

This book came out before Driven to Distraction and is written by 2 ADHDers Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo.  It was so important to include this book in my list as Kate Kelly passed away this year and she was such an important pioneer and contributor to our ADD community.

The book is a really great ADD friendly read and covers a wide range of topics.  It is so easy to identify with stories in this book and helps you realize you are not alone in this diagnosis.


#3  The gift of adult ADD by Lara Honos-Webb

Ahhhh! So many books on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder focus on our shortcomings and issues. Well this is a fabulous book that aims at building on ADHD Strengths and passion in your career, relationships and overall quality of life.  A must read for the person who doesn’t see the beauty of having ADD/ADHD.



#4 Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden

This book is very important in our ADHD community as its focus is on the inattentive ADHD woman. Yes for years the disorder was believed to only affect men with high hyperactivity and impulse control issues while the day dreaming women were left untreated.  This is a great book for that inattentive women to explore her treatment options while diminishing the societal stigma that many inattentive women face. There is also very little literature on the inattentive sub- type of ADHD and this book becomes a great resource.


#5  Permission to Proceed by David Giwerc

David Giwerc, Master certified Coach, President and founder of the ADD Coach Academy and an honor to call my friend and mentor.  His debut book is based on his proven approach that we ADDers can live our lives in passion with direction.  With helpful tools and stories this book has as much integrity as my friend David does. It really helps change your perspective on your overall life.


#6  Fidget to Focus by Roland Rotz & Sarah D. Wright

I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah D. Wright at our last ADD Coaches Organization conference, as she gave me one of her books and signed it:  Happy Fidgeting!  This is an amazing book  full of tips and strategies on how to stay focused and on track through fidgeting.  It might sound counter productive to some but once you start chewing gum to help you get through that boring task you will be amazed.



#7  Organizing Solutions for people with ADHD by Suzan C. Pinsky

A client of mine came to my office a while ago with this book and asked if I had read it as it demonstrates many of the techniques that I had already been using with him. Having not read it I can assure you that I now have.  This is just a jewel of a book to help organize the ADHDer’s life. From practical solutions and tools to helping you maintain an organized life, this is a book I highly recommend.


#8 Spark by John J. Ratey

This is the first book to truly examine and emphasize the impact that exercise has on our brain.  I especially recommend this book to the ADHDer who does not want to go the path of medication.  Dr. Ratey does an excellent job at showing that exercise is the best defense against Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other disorders.



#9  Delivered from Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell & John J. Ratey

I have to admit that I view Drs. Hallowell and Ratey as the Godfathers of Attention Deficit Disorder.  This book is the sequel to the best selling “Driven to Distraction” and I had to included it in my list as it is one of the best books to get your information on ADHD.  It will answer many of your questions and bring you through getting tested to successfully living with ADD.


#10  Taking Charge of ADHD by Russel A. Barklay

This is the complete, authoritative guide for parents with children with ADHD.  I certainly wish this book was around when I was growing up.  This book empowers parents by arming them with the knowledge, confidence and power to help their children.  It covers a range of topics from behavior management to keeping peace in the family.  I especially included this book in my list to help the parents of children with ADHD.



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