ADHD Coach Maddy

About Coach Maddy

Hi, I’m Madeleine P. Cote also know as Coach Maddy – an ADD/ADHD & Life Coach.​
One of the first girls in Quebec to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the French side, I learned about my disorder when I was but 6 years old. I have known about my ADHD almost my entire life. I struggled in school, didn’t understand how to learn and spent almost every summer in summer school. I was labeled a trouble maker and spent so many evenings in despair feeling lost and misunderstood.

My doctor at the time of diagnosis had told my parents that I would never graduate from high school; never hold a job and be dependent for the rest of my life. Well he clearly didn’t know a lot about ADHDers because I graduated from high school went on to Marianopolis College and then McGill and Bishop’s University. My background is in psychology, communications and public relations. I furthered my studies in order to specialize in my field and graduated from the Advanced ADHD coach training program at the ADD Coach Academy in New York.

To cope with my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I learned study skills, focusing and time management tools and applied them to my passions and I soared. I read every book on ADHD I could find and I realized that my mission in life was to help people with ADHD to live the lives they have dreamed.

I surrounded myself with brilliant people (coaches, doctors and therapists) who diagnose ADHD, treat people with ADHD and work with individuals in the search of proper medical treatment. I was a faculty member at the ADHD Coach Academy in New York, at the International Coach Training Center (iACTcenter) founded by Laurie Melton Dupar.

I have been working with teens, adults, couples, parents, families and groups for almost 2 decades. I am a coach that is trained in working with the ADHD brain and I am so passionate about my work and the creative, bright people I get to work with as my clients on a daily basis.

Because I personally have ADHD, I am fortunate in having a unique understanding of the disorder and how it can impact the many aspects of life. I understand that ADHDers don’t like being spoken down to and I know how we need support and encouragement. I am a hands on coach with specific ADHD Coach training and I will work with you to get to meet your needs and help you soar.

For a long time I have used my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as a strength and I will work with you so you can do the same.