ADHD Coach Maddy


Do you want Coach Maddy to speak with your audience?

Coach Maddy is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker who incorporates warmth and humor into her talks. She is kind and relatable and engages her audience with her passion.

Coach Maddy has ease in making the difficult and complicated seem easy and understandable by drawing on her almost two decades of coaching, mentoring, training and ADHD expertise.

Coach Maddy is available for:

– Support groups
– Workshops
– Seminars
– Keynotes
– Retreats

She is available to speak in both English and French with your audience on a variety of ADHD related topics.

  • Finding and building your life on your strengths
  • Working toward your goals
  • Getting support on decision making and prioritizing
  • Living in the positive traits of your ADHD and managing the negative ones
  • Building self-esteem, confidence and self-image
  • Dealing with anger and anxiety
  • Reducing blame, guilt and shame
  • Improving communication skills Minimizing impulsivity
  • Getting over procrastination
  • Developing good time-management and organization management skills
  • Improve self- management, distractability and planning skills