ADHD Coach Maddy

ADHD and Coach Mentoring

  • Are you seeking a successful coach to help mentor you through your credentialing exam with confidence and ease?
  • Are you looking to sharpen your coaching skills or find out more about ADHD coaching?
  • Do you want your coaching to be valuable yet cost effective while meeting ICF criteria to get all your 10 mentor coaching hours?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions you are in the right place; welcome!

Now all you have to do is choose between one of the 2 following packages:

Your One on One Package:

$1200 Total

(3 Installments of $400)

Group Mentoring Package:

$600 Total

Mentoring can be done over the phone or Zoom depending on your needs and location.


“Maddy provides a wonderful blend of infectious warmth and direct communication. As a mentor coach she helped me clarify specific areas to work on by listening to me coach. Her feedback was spot-on and led me to re-focus on some of the ICF core competencies that I struggled with. She helped me find ways to integrate them naturally, so they became part of my coaching without being too formulaic. Maddy was not only fun to work with, but very effective in structuring our time and moving me forward towards my professional goals.”

Susan Gesten


“Maddy has been and continues to be a fantastic mentor coach. I look forward to our sessions knowing that it is just as important to her that I succeed as it is for myself. I credit Maddy with many positive changes in my coaching style, but most importantly, I feel much more confident as an ADHD coach. Maddy has encouraged me to look at steps to identify my goals and to gain experience as a coach and she has helped me to look at the steps required to achieve them. Our mentor sessions have also been a great exchange of resources as well. I am so grateful to Maddy and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward in their coaching career.”

Laura Godfrey


"I have had the great pleasure to work with Maddy as my mentor coach as I prepared for my coaching certification.  Maddy was a fierce champion of me as I progressed towards my goal and had great confidence in my abilities even when I didn't see them myself.   She listened intently to my coaching and was able to provide guidance and feedback in a supportive way that made me want to try again and again.  She answered all of my questions about the certification process and was able to help me build my skills and my courage to be a certified coach.  Most of all, Maddy’s coaching experience and knowledge has helped me be a better coach and a better person.  I am very grateful that I worked with Maddy and I would highly recommend her for coaching and mentor coaching."

Suzanne Leonard