Beating ADHD’s Anxiety

It is important to understand that the overwhelming feelings you experience, the worrying and the physical symptoms that occur have a name: ANXIETY  Anxiety is normal and adaptive as it helps us prepare for danger Anxiety can become a problem when our body tells us that there is danger when there really is no real […]


The first post of this blog series explained that when it came to ADHD & sex it was either ALL or NOTHING with not much grey area in between.  The previous entry focused on the ALL side and now we take a deeper look at the NONE side concerning ADHD & SEX. When we look […]


For many years my clients have been asking me to write about ADHD and Sex as we talk about sex in coaching as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. If we look at ADHD in terms of extremes as we ADHDers often are;  so can be viewed ADHD and sex.  Meaning I’ve […]

5 tips for dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder during the Holidays

YES, the holiday season is upon us as our radios are flooded with Christmas music and the office part is right around the corner. Even if they are holidays we cannot afford to take a break from managing our ADD/ADHD. Here are a few tips for ADDers surviving the holidays: 1-  Decide on a budget […]

ADDers can be on time

What do you relate to more: Work now play later, or, play now work later? For many of my clients it’s play now work later and this way of being has greatly impaired their time management skills.  With a simple switch to work n ow play later their ability to be on time has drastically […]

8 Steps for ADDers to go back to school on the right foot.

Fall is approaching and it always makes me want to buy school supplies.  It’s time to go back to school and if people with Attention Deficit Disorder follow these 8 steps they can get the semester off to a great start. #1 – Go visit your school’s Disability Center. Although most people with ADD/ADHD are […]

Blast ADD/ADHD Procrastination

I would say that everybody can suffer from procrastination but for ADDers procrastination can be quite debilitating. While reasons for procrastination cover a wide range and are for another blog; there is a great tool in the form of a website to now help you blast your procrastination.  I’ll admit that I even used this […]

Coach Maddy’s Tricks to ADD’s anxiety

Clients often come to session telling me they have spent all evening stressing and having anxiety over a problem.  They worry that “this is the biggest problem and it can’t be solved”.  However, with a quick coaching session the problem was solved. So some of my tricks for dealing with ADD’s anxiety are the following: […]

ADDers hate being told what to do

Well let’s face it NOBODYlikes being told what to do, but for some reason it really gets to ADDers and it tickles our sense of dislike for authority.   This idea of being told what to do can irk us in the form of a voice tone, flat out orders or making us feel inferior. The […]