ADHD Coach Maddy

The Pain of my clients

    • Nobody understands me
    • When I get angry it’s like “the hulk” comes out
    • I feel so alone
    • I don’t have friends
    • I have no clue how to study
    • I am so sensitive to criticism
    • I procrastinate about everything
    • I have the worst handwriting
    • I can’t stand small talk
    • I am a perfectionist yet I don’t even activate
    • I need to smoke weed to sleep at night
    • I can’t ever fall asleep
    • I feel like I’m an alien
    • “That person looked at me funny they don’t like me”
    • Everyday I feel l’m going to get fired
    • I feel like a fraud who will be discovered
    • I can’t seem to start it’s like I’m stuck in molasses