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I would say that everybody can suffer from procrastination but for ADDers procrastination can be quite debilitating.

While reasons for procrastination cover a wide range and are for another blog; there is a great tool in the form of a website to now help you blast your procrastination.  I’ll admit that I even used this site to begin this blog.

The web address is and the way it works is the following:

  1. You are procrastinating about something
  2. You go to
  3. You read each step indicated/ follow the instructions
  4. At the end there is a countdown and then you begin the first step of your task.

Now the countdown is the key here and make sure you wait because while it is counting down you are itching to begin the first step of what you need to do and when it’s over you just go.

Keep in mind that it is most important as you use this tool to read and follow each step of the instructions, do not skip anything no matter how familiar you become with the site.

Also please know that when it comes to beating procrastination it is important to identify the tasks that you simply need to delegate.  Yes,  some things are worth passing on to someone else instead of suffering through them.

For example, I have never done my taxes myself,  I want to keep my hair not pull it out, so I pay an accountant to do my taxes for me.  For many of my clients cleaning their homes and doing their laundry is an unbearable thought, so please hire someone to come in every 2 weeks and for $40-$50 you get piece of mind.

Bartering is another way to pass along the things you simply do not want to do.  Cook a meal for someone in exchange they can sort through your mail.  There are endless ways to get things done, but try and share your stories on how this tool helped you to get moving.

Until soon, take good care,

Coach Maddy

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