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Clients often come to session telling me they have spent all evening stressing and having anxiety over a problem.  They worry that “this is the biggest problem and it can’t be solved”.  However, with a quick coaching session the problem was solved.

So some of my tricks for dealing with ADD’s anxiety are the following:

1) The first thing to realize and repeat to yourself is: THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS- THERE ARE ONLY SOLUTIONS.  Repeat this to yourself when you feel a problem coming on or when you start over analyzing a problem.  Start believing that it is true.

2) Realize that anxiety is a state where you fear something that actually isn’t a threat but you think it is.  You are confusing possibility with plausibility.  Look at where your thinking is flawed and ask yourself is this a feeling or fact?

3) To move on from anxiety get into decision making mode.  Decision making moves you forward from staying immobile in the state of anxiety – you are no longer in panic mode but in decision making mode and therefore moving forward.

4)  Lastly the first part of decision making is collecting information in order for you to make a sound and informed decision toward your next action step.


To review;  when anxiety strikes repeat and believe “There are no problems always solutions”.  Take a step back and realize that anxiety consists of an imagined fear.  Deal with facts not emotions.  Then go into decision making mode – action leads us out of anxiety and helps us move forward.  Finally remember that the first step in decision making is gathering all the information to move forward in the right direction toward the confident well informed decision making.

Let me know if this process has helped you and helps you gets you to sleep faster.

Coach Maddy




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