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Fall is approaching and it always makes me want to buy school supplies.  It’sADD/ADHD Back to school tips time to go back to school and if people with Attention Deficit Disorder follow these 8 steps they can get the semester off to a great start.

#1 – Go visit your school’s Disability Center. Although most people with ADD/ADHD are not crazy about the center’s name GO ANYWAY and get a counselor who knows you have ADHD.  This is an important first step because there are benefits for we ADDers such as note takers,  extra time on essays and exams taken in a separate room.  So make a point of stopping by the center in your school.


#2 – Chose the right teachers.  ADDers seem to do well in a course if they like the teacher or if they feel the teacher likes them.  So chose teachers you like and if you don’t like them drop the class.  Which leads me to my next step.


#3-  Know and write down the ADD/DROP date for classes and drop the classes you feel you will not succeed in.


#4-  Get an agenda or planner and use it.  The best agendas for ADDers are BIG and have a week’s view on 2 pages.  The days go downwards not sideways.  Check your agenda every night and plan the next day.  If the agenda system never worked for you use a huge wall calendar or your smart phone but use something.


#5-  Put all classes (times) and due dates in your agenda for the entire semester the first week of school.  Once you get all of your course outlines sit down with them and your agenda and write all classes and due dates in your agenda.  Give yourself a break and don’t be shocked that an assignment is due.


#6-  Buy all of your books and course packs the first week of class and print all course material for the entire semester and put it in a separate binder for each class.   This is important as school’s computer networks often crash around midterms and finals leaving students without access to needed course material. This also helps you get a snap shot of what you will be learning during the semester.


#7-  Don’t get stingy on school supplies.  Get everything you need to be properly organized for each class.  This includes different color pens, binders, note books,  pads of paper and the ADD necessity POST-ITS.


#8-  If you have to take a class for credit and feel it will be tough get a tutor right away.  Don’t wait for the week before the midterm.  Talk to your teacher or academic advisor and get started with a tutor your second week of class.


If you follow the previous steps you’re really setting yourself up for a great semester.  Remember to repeat the same steps for the winter semester.  Good luck and have a great school year.

Coach Maddy



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